Abteilung Neurologische Wissenschaften



The neuropathology unit is an integral part of the Division of Neurological Sciences and contributes to neuropathology training, diagnostic and research of neurological diseases in animals. It is headed by the Ernst Frauchiger professorship for comparative neuropathology, which is currently occupied by Prof. Anna Oevermann, Diplomate of the European College of Veterinary Pathology (ECVP).

The neuropathology training includes undergraduate and postgraduate teaching on the national and international level.

The diagnostic service comprises the macroscopical and histopathological examination of central nervous system (CNS) samples from animals with neurological disorders. Diagnostic workup includes standard staining techniques and immunohistochemistry. Currently, our archive contains paraffin embedded CNS tissues of several ten thousand neuropathology cases.

The research of the neuropathology unit focuses on the neuropathogenesis of listeric rhombencephalitis (neurolisteriosis) in ruminants and involved host and pathogen factors (Research). Additionally, the neuropathology unit is involved in the description and investigation of neurological diseases in animals and provides scientific and neuropathology support for research projects within and outside of the Vetsuisse Faculty.